On demand course (T)

Service I offer :

On-demand course is one-on-one private lessons online and often an intensive course :
     – to help students to overcome a difficulty
     – to help with a specific need
such as :

Moving towards Speaking :

This course aims to move the student quickly towards speaking with confidence and sound grammar, in order to become autonomous when speaking in real life situations.
It promotes self-motivation to improve your spoken French and increase vocabulary by yourself.
(Prerequisite : Level A2+, B1-)

Speaking with confidence :

You have grammar and vocabulary, but it does not work and you struggle when speaking. This crash course helps you to master your knowledge of French, and to feel confident.
The focus is on speaking and I adapt course to each student.
Students feel comfortable with the way we deal with the challenge.
(Prerequisites: Level B1 +, B1 ++, B2)

To improve Speaking :

This course is for people who already speak French, but who would like to improve their oral communication skills by reviewing grammar, practicing various ways of saying things, expanding vocabulary to specific situations such as face to face meetings, communicating with others, managing projects etc.
The goal is a better and more nuanced communication with greater confidence.
(Prerequisite : to be able to communicate in French : B1++, B2, …)

Career change :

This is not a French course but training for people looking for a job more compatible with their knowledge, skills and background.
Most of my clients are specialists with University degrees obtained in Canada and/ abroad and with work experience of 2 to 8 years (also in Canada and/ abroad). Often, their work experience in Canada is not well related to their specialty or the area of work where they feel they can provide the best service …

For information, I have over 30 years of professional experience in multicultural environments (in Europe and North-America, also with Asian countries), with extensive knowledge, training and industrial experience in various fields like Engineering, IT, Accounting, Project management, Quality control, Production, Human resources, …

My plus: Sharing with my clients an approach based on two points of view: the candidate’s viewpoint and human resource’s viewpoint. My other advantage is my ability to relate to professional experiences in different cultures.
I’m an easy-going person with a professional attitude.

For any need, such as :

_ Pronunciation
_ Grammar (To quickly review grammar and be able to use it)
_ Etc…

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information or a free information session