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Frequently Asked Questions

I do one-on-one online lessons only due to Covid-19. This will continue until the situation improves.

Yes, but only false beginners, which means, I take students who already have bases in French. It could be people who have studied French and have not practiced for a long time or people coming from school.
Either way, the requirement is to know some vocabulary and grammar (level A2+, B1-)

Yes I do, lot of students want Crash courses, but not all. It depends on the needs and the situation.

A Crash course for False Beginners is a course :
_ For people who have already studied French
_ With a quick review of grammar, vocabulary, …
_ Priority is on Speaking with a robust grammar to get autonomy and to start using French.
If necessary, course is adapted to student environment

Yes I do a lot for Oral Expression and my students are happy with their results. For Oral Comprehension, I offer a support.
My offer is :

  • A crash course to prepare for TEFAQ Oral Expression test (Part A and B) with :
    _ Lots of simulation with real subjects
    _ Improving grammar and vocabulary
    _ Exam techniques
    _ Managing stress and to feel confident
    _ To be in control of your exam
    (Prerequisite : Level B1+, B2, …)
  • A support to students who prepare for TEFAQ Oral comprehension test. Help is  on :
    _  Grammar
    _  Analyzing difficulties for corrective actions  (Sections B2, B3, B4, C1, sometimes Section C2, and Section D)
    _  Exam techniques
    _  Phonetics (How to improve results in Section D)
    _ …
    (Prerequisite : Level B1+, B2, …)

On demand course could be for any need, such as :
_ Pronunciation
_ Speaking (To feel confident)
_ Grammar (To quickly review grammar and be able to use it)
_ Professional needs
_  A crash course for people who already studied French
_ …

It depends … but generally YES if time slots available.
Help could be :
_ Simulation of an interview (Questions, answers, …)
_ How to make connections between skills and questions
_ …
I know  interview and targeted questions
My plus is sharing with students an approach based on two points of view: the candidate’s viewpoint and human resource’s viewpoint, in the positive way.
Best is to contact me and to explain your needs

Yes if you are already my student.
On the other hand, I offer a service to help people to extract their skills from their background, to write an appealing CV and Cover-letters. This service is more expensive but it worth it : Clients gain confidence and know how to connect their skills to the market.

Delf exam is not my main activity but I offer lessons for people who want to improve oral expression + grammar, ….

Yes, I can help professionals who already speak French
My service is mainly for 4 types of students:

  • Professionals who follow official training from the OQLF and who want additional help
  • Professionals who are already familiar with the exam but wish to reinforce a particular point
  • Professionals who already know French but need to quickly improve their speaking skills
  • Professionals with little time

It is  Private lessons adapted to the needs of the student

Type of service provided:

  • Oral expression
  • Oral comprehension (Occasional explanations + Method to improve)
  • Written expression
  • Reading comprehension (occasional explanations + method to improve)
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary and expressions
  • Report writing

This work is intended for the management of real professional situations always linked to an examination strategy.

Official distributor of PrepmyFuture apps, I sell their E-learning courses for several reasons :

1/ They are structured courses to prepare for exams

2/ Even if a course is never perfect, they are done by specialists, and content is very useful

3/ With their courses you have a follow-up on your results and you can come back to exercises, ask for support or just know your weaknesses

3/ Students can use it at home to review or to reinforce their French

4/ Students can work anywhere, anytime

5/ Apps have a cost, but the cost per hour is very cheap for structured courses dedicated to exams

I can also recommend specific exercises to do to overcome a difficulty we meet during Private lessons. In addition, students can ask me for an explanation about an e-learning exercise if necessary.